The Team

It is the rare blend of experience, professionalism and skill that has taken KCC to where it is today. While the inspiration and motivation from Sri. P. V. George, a retired Govt. Chief Engineer threw light on the future of this venture, the farsightedness, creative mind and about 20 year's experience of Sri. Vakkachan George added newer flavours to ensure that KCC is placed among the frontline players of construction industry in Kottayam today with unmatched class and quality.

The quest of our clients for perfection and satisfaction has made us the first choice of aesthetic home aspirants in Kottayam.

Our Mission

  • Construct premium quality homes for our clients at reasonable prices
  • Adopt the most modern designs and products in the construction industry.

Our Commitment

The trust of KCC Homes is built on the basic principle of ensuring the highest standards in quality of construction and also in the materials being used.

Please find below the basic guidelines that we follow in each of our projects;

  • All concreting work (RCC) shall be done with a minimum cement content of 350 kg (7 bags) per cubic metre.

  • Only ISI steel shall be used for concreting. All the structures, whether flat or villa, shall be structurally designed by a reputed structural consultant.

  • Properly washed and tested metal sand shall be used for all concreting works.

  • The water cement ratio of concrete shall be kept bare minimum with the use of admixture; thereby increasing the life of structure to a great extent.

  • Fresh cement, packed within 21 days from the factory, shall be used for concreting.

  • All concrete shall be cured properly.

The clients or their representatives are welcome anytime for an inspection at any of the stages of construction so as to ascertain the quality of construction as well as the materials being used for their flat/villa.